Kelly Jones : Forced to Speak Out

I’m Kelly Jones, Alex Jones’ ex-wife. A Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent to our children in April, 2017.  It’s five months later, and the children still primarily reside with Alex. I am forced to speak out because Alex keeps filing to block my custody and Judge Orlinda Naranjo has acted outside her […]

Alex Jones of keeps filing to block AlexJonesx's custody

Five Facts Disturbing Facts about Alex Jones’ Most Recent Filing to Block AlexJonesX’s Custody of the Children

Kelly Jones October 14, 2017 Alex Jones’ latest filing, submitted to the Court on October 12, 2017, is unlawful and disturbing for many reasons. Here are the top five disturbing facts about this filing: It is delusional and an exercise in defamataion. Alex’s filing is replete with lies and conjecture and demonstrates his increasingly […]

Infographic: Six Disturbing Post-Verdict Facts in the Alex Jones Custody Battle

Infographic — please share and take action.  I need your help. Despite a CLEAR verdict for Kelly to be primary parent, Judge Orlinda Naranjo is blocking child custody post verdict, obstructing justice with authority she does NOT have. Launched!

Five months after the Jury decided for Kelly Jones to be Primary Parent, the children still have not been returned according to the verdict. They reside primarily with Alex Jones. Abuse and neglect was shown in Court and a Jury spoke. Enough is enough. Egged on by hundreds of pages of Alex Jones’ post-verdict filings, […]

Alex “Snake Oil”Jones Hypocrisy: Calls Kimmel Out on Pimping His Kids

(Argh. I hated to make this post…but I’m trying to point out the hypocrisy. Alex calls people out on things he does himself. In my case, he said I was crazy because I was upset my due process rights had been violated. Why post this? To try and get big media to notice and have […]

Kelly Jones Talks About Alex Jones’ Disgusting Charlottesville and Sandy Hook Statements

Shame on Alex Jones for calling the events in Charlottesville or at Sandy Hook government hoaxes, demeans and diminishes the children and adults who lost their lives in these tragedies. It makes America’s problems seem petty. It distracts from the conversations we should all be having so that horrible events like these don’t happen again.