Alex “Snake Oil”Jones Hypocrisy: Calls Kimmel Out on Pimping His Kids

(Argh. I hated to make this post…but I’m trying to point out the hypocrisy. Alex calls people out on things he does himself.

In my case, he said I was crazy because I was upset my due process rights had been violated.

Why post this? To try and get big media to notice and have me on.

Five months since a Jury decided for me the children have not been returned according to the verdict.

Alex Jones please stop marketing your questionable products using our kids.

Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver please have me on)

Alex Jones makes millions off of his overpriced supplement products.

I was opposed to this side of the business, which he created behind my back towards the end of our marriage (and used to funnel money away from our estate.)

He then started promoting the overpriced supplements by talking about how his family and our kids used them.

He often talks about our children and has put my son on the air repeatedly.

Men in glass houses…


ALEX JONES (from his 9.21.2017 broadcast): “So why don’t you stop beating up on one of the little candy asses [Brian Kilmeade] over there at Fox News and stop using your son to talk about how you’re going to kick people’s asses to promote violence in America? How about that? How about you actually help some kids, buddy? Instead of using your kid, instead of pimping your kid out there to push Obamacare that’s designed to wreck health care. Now maybe you don’t know what you’re doing, and that’s OK, so we forgive you, [Jimmy] Kimmel. Good.

Now, by the way, let me just say this, I don’t want to go on Kimmel’s show. I don’t want to go on on The Daily Show. I don’t want to go on any of them. We’ve had offers before to go on these shows. I’m not going — I piss on your — you’re not real shows, you’re frauds, you’re crap, you’re the enemy, you’re cancer, you’re grandma dying of a heart attack, you’re grandpa with a brain tumor, you’re failure, you’re betrayal, you’re anathema, you’re a blaspheme (sic). And you will fall. You’re already fallen right now. And I’m sorry for your son.

Did your wife take the vaccines? Been slurping that tap water? Why don’t you find out why this is happening? Why don’t you actually save other kids instead of using your kid to bring in socialism and globalist control for big fat-cat corporations that want to make us buy overpriced health care? How about that?”


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