Kelly Jones : Forced to Speak Out

I’m Kelly Jones, Alex Jones’ ex-wife.

A Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent to our children in April, 2017.  It’s five months later, and the children still primarily reside with Alex.

I am forced to speak out because Alex keeps filing to block my custody and Judge Orlinda Naranjo has acted outside her authority post verdict.

After a fifteen year relationship with Alex, I filed for divorce in December of 2013.

Our divorce was final in 2015, shortly after which time my ex husband, Alex Jones filed a Modification Motion.

On April 28. 2017, after a three and a half year-long custody battle (including pre-divorce)during which I lost almost all custody of my children, a Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent to Alex and my three beautiful children.

It is now September 19, 2017, and I am speaking out because despite the Jury’s verdict, I still do not have my children according to the verdict.

I barely see my son at all.

The Judge over our case in Travis County, Judge Orlinda Naranjo, has failed to act according to the Texas Code on Judicial Conduct and the Texas Family Code.

It is not her right to do so.  It is unlawful for her to do so.

Judge Naranjo has acted outside her authority to implement post-verdict temporary orders and is ignoring the  Jury’s verdict. Judge Naranjo’s rulings are ongoing violations of my family’s due process and the protections guaranteed by HIPPA laws.

Judge Naranjo has acted with evident bias and disregard for the code she has to follow as a Judge.

I believe that the First Amendment isn’t only for my ex-husband, Alex Jone.

It is my parental and civic duty to speak out to raise awareness about Judge Naranjo’s ongoing obstruction of justice and blocking child custody, both which are Federal crimes.

Further, proven corruption and perjury have been testified to by several “experts” in my case. These are unscrupulous and biased “therapists”who kept me from my children (one has admitted) because my case kept them employed.  There have also been on-the-record admissions to kickbacks and perjury to assassinate my character.

I have been subjected to interrogation on horrific false criminal charges.

I lost custody of my young children on trumped-up false allegations that have been shown to be false and which my children have refuted.

My ex-husband’s argument was based on hearsay upon hearsay statements.

I showed the Jury that my children are in a dangerous situation.

In addition to the proved and evident bad actions of the Judge in my case, I have learned of other criminal actions by Judge Naranjo in other cases, including assuming unlawful jurisdiction and unlawfully terminating parental rights.

In all the cases I am aware of, Judge Naranjo exhibits a clear bias, ruling differently with the same fact pattern for women and men.

I am launching this site to consolidate the evidence of my case, to provide updates ongoing, and to encourage public outrage at what has happened in my case. I need your help to get the word out. I need your support.

I will update this site ongoing.  Help it go viral.  I need your help.  Please share my posts and images.

Thank you,
Kelly Jones



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  1. L Thomas
    September 21, 2017

    It took coffee in Seattle for me to be introduced to your ex. I can’t imagine being married to what I saw on that video. I am sorry to hear of your custody problems. I moved out of state with my daughter when she was four. Her father, though I’d notified him, did nothing. I reintroduced them when she was eleven. She visited his new family for on month the following summer. The next year the court awarded him custody of her. I lost her teen years after being her sole parent for ten years, because I lived out of state.
    I feel your pain.

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