Kelly Jones Talks About Alex Jones’ Disgusting Charlottesville and Sandy Hook Statements

Shame on Alex Jones for calling the events in Charlottesville or at Sandy Hook government hoaxes, demeans and diminishes the children and adults who lost their lives in these tragedies. It makes America’s problems seem petty. It distracts from the conversations we should all be having so that horrible events like these don’t happen again.

Bully Alex Jones keeps kids in custody case despite verdict

Thank you all for your support! It’s not over yet. Alex Jones is still using his bullying tactics to keep my children away from me and disrupt my life. Stay tuned for updates like these!

Hurricane Harvey: Targeted Parents and Child Suffer From Blocked Communications During National Disasters

I made this video during Hurricane Harvey. Targeted parents whose exes block communications are blocked from knowing if their children are safe in situations like this. Imagine you are in a terrible storm or natural disaster and can’t know that your children are okay or let them know that you are. This happened to me […]

Judges Act Outside Their Authority. Kelly Jones talks Court Corruption in D.C.

Kelly Jones talks Court Corruption in D.C. Hundreds of thousands of parents and children have been affected by the failings of the Family Court system.  When Judges act outside their authority and corrupt experts become involved, children are treated as commodities and family are torn apart.  Five months after a Jury verdict Kelly’s children have […]

Kelly Jones Speaks at DC Rally

Parents from all over the country came to meet in D.C. to protest family court corruption. Kelly Jones gives a speech highlighting the egregious corruption of Family Court and Judge Naranjo in Travis County, Austin, Texas. Too much time and money has been lost by parents. Too much of our children’s innocence has been lost, […]