Alex Jones of keeps filing to block AlexJonesx's custody

Five Facts Disturbing Facts about Alex Jones’ Most Recent Filing to Block AlexJonesX’s Custody of the Children

Kelly Jones
October 14, 2017

Alex Jones’ latest filing, submitted to the Court on October 12, 2017, is unlawful and disturbing for many reasons.

Free Speech Attack: Disturbing Facts about My Ex-Husband, Alex Jones' Recent Legal Filing
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Published at 2017, October 15
My Ex Husband, Alex Jones of has filed again to block my child custody. Alex Jones' mo
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Here are the top five disturbing facts about this filing:

  1. It is delusional and an exercise in defamataion.

Alex’s filing is replete with lies and conjecture and demonstrates his increasingly paranoid state.  Alex has defamed me for years in false filiings and using perjury, which has been shown in court.  He has defamed me to millions on his program,

  1. Its main purpose is to block my Free Speech.

Alex’s staff of tens of people and his thousands of dollars and hour attorneys constantly monitor my every move online.  I have invoked my free-speech rights out of self-protection and to raise public awareness that my children have not been returned according to verdict.

Alex’s minions patrol my content, present it out of context and in augmented, delusional and manipulative ways to represent that I shouldn’t speak out publicly because my public speech hurts my children.

My children have lost years of time with their mother on false allegations and admitted perjury of people who were supposed to help them.  These people have been shown to be biased liars.  The perjury around which this entire “case” has stemmed and from which the confirmation bias spun out has been shown to be a complete lie.  My children shouldn’t look at my content, but I don’t think it hurts them for them to understand I am fighting for them and standing up to the bully, Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a cultish leader with millions of viewers to whom he spews the vilest views and attacks on public figures almost every day.  Just this week, he talked about how 16-year old girls who want to be stars can expect to be raped and to end up in “snuff films.”  It shocks the conscience that he speaks the way he does about children close in age to our own.  My children are regularly exposed to Alex’s content and have participated regularly in his show.

  1. It attacks my belief system, seeking to punish my Freedom of Religion

Alex Jones, who professes to be a Christian, has repeatedly used my Christian beliefs against me in Court, to try and cast me as looney for believing in God.  He has called my church, an established and reputable church in Austin, TX with thousands of members and three campuses as a “cult.”  He has interrogated me, unconstitutionally, about my beliefs in deposition.

This filing is just one instance of him appealing to those who might be hostile to Christians, including the Court, to see me as crazy for having a belief system.  Alex uses faith as a weapon, loudly relaying paranoid delusions about “demonic” possession of world leaders, while filing in a way to try and punish me for believing in God.

  1. It is manipulative on its face and appeals in the basest of ways to the ego of the Judge in our case, who has demonstrated incredible bias ongoing.

Alex’s attorney trolls have pulled out different things I have said out of context and augmented them to focus the Judge’s attention on the fact that I am daring to speak out against her bias and unlawful actions.

The Judge has demonstrated shocking and evident bias ongoing, including failing to timely issue Final Orders.  We are now almost six months post-verdict.  A Jury decided for me to be Primary Parent almost half a year ago and the Judge still hasn’t accepted or written Final Orders.  I have submitted my own draft and have not had a response.

I believe that it is my responsibility and duty to speak out about unlawful and UnConstitutional actions of elected officials.  I have filed a complaint with the Texas Judicial Commission and am aware of other complaints against this Judge and bais and Judicial Code violations in multiple cases.

  1. It is a filing submitted in violation of local rules, a punitive vexatious motion and one of many that Alex has filed.

I missed years of irreplaceable time with my children where they were allocate to surrogates and nannies because Alex defamed me for years and made up false allegations which have been shown to be untrue.

This latest motion in an illustration of more of the same.  Further, it is not lawful for such a Motion to be submitted once the case is over.

Alex Jones needs to stop defaming me, lying, manipulating and acting out of a total disregard for our children’s best interests.


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