Fight Family Court Corruption with your voice. Tell your story!

Dear Friends, It looks like the launch of is going to get some good coverage. I want to give your story a voice.  I want to tell your story. Please send me a short video of your story (the shorter the better – to grab people’s attention) to so I can post it to the page I […]

I’m Bulletproof: Alex Jones’ Post Verdict Bully Tactics

I got through this and stay in it through faith.  God is with my family, and I’m not afraid to speak out.  It is what I am compelled to do.

Judges Act Outside Their Authority. Kelly Jones talks Court Corruption in D.C.

Kelly Jones talks Court Corruption in D.C. Hundreds of thousands of parents and children have been affected by the failings of the Family Court system.  When Judges act outside their authority and corrupt experts become involved, children are treated as commodities and family are torn apart.  Five months after a Jury verdict Kelly’s children have […]

Kelly Jones Speaks at DC Rally

Parents from all over the country came to meet in D.C. to protest family court corruption. Kelly Jones gives a speech highlighting the egregious corruption of Family Court and Judge Naranjo in Travis County, Austin, Texas. Too much time and money has been lost by parents. Too much of our children’s innocence has been lost, […]

This Could Be You: Learn About the Shortcomings of Family Court

The bias shown during my custody case was a frame up and smear campaign. The Judge in my case has empowered Alex to continue to harass me with post verdict filings.  Get the details of how the Family Court could potentially fail your family.  49% of first marriages end in divorce. This is the future […]